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Hello out there!

In April, 2001, I purchased my first home, a humble brick bungalow in Milwaukee's Bay View Nieghborhood. Interstingly enough, a bungalow was not the type of home I had hoped for. But over the first couple years, I became increaelingly aware of how wonderful bungalows are.

As my wife and I carried out several improvement projects on our bungalow, I have realized there are not a lot of resources in Milwaukee for bungalows. Let's face it, big box retail are primarily interested in a suburban market of homes with no real arcitectual significance. It can be challenging to find products and businesses that cater towards historic homes.

It's important to perserve the arcitectual integrity of a bungalow when doing projects. This site will hopefully marture into a reliable focal point for bungalow owners to network, share ideas, and beautify these wonderful homes.